Two bouts in two weekends!

Photo by Andrew Sims – click here for the full photo album 

Our A team the Canny Belters have been busy travelling England for some roller derby action these past two weekends! On March 29th we headed down to sunny Southend-on-Sea to take on Seaside Siren Roller Girls, where we took the win 196-143 – a bit of a wider gap than the last time we played in September 2013 when we took the win 153-151! Then on April 5th we had an afternoon drive down to Dewsbury to take on the one and only Hot Wheel Roller Derby – who proved to be as tough as ever and took the win 211-143. The Belters’ next game will be on home turf against Glasgow Roller Derby‘s Maiden Grrders – have you got your tickets yet?


Overwhelming response to fresh meat intake!

We’ve been overwhelmed by your response to our first fresh meat intake of 2014, and if Facebook is to believed we are expecting over 50 skaters this Sunday morning! It is now more important than ever for you to source your own kit if you’re planning on coming – we have very limited kit, especially skates and helmets. We don’t want to turn anyone away so please, please get your hands on as much as you can – for the first session you will need a helmet, quad roller skaters, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.

We ask that, for your first session (whether you are joining on March 2nd or March 9th) you arrive at Walker Activity Dome at 10.00am sharp, so that we can get everyone’s waivers and loan kit sorted ready to start the 2-hour session at 10.30am. If you’re on Facebook and haven’t been added to the group, please request membership as there’s lots of extra information in there that you’ll need.

Oh, and if you haven’t read our previous post about being a roller derby newbie, you’d best get that read too! Later skaters…


So you’re going to your first roller derby session…

Our first ‘fresh meat’ intake of 2014 begins in just under one week on Sunday March 2nd at the Walker Activity Dome – if you’re interested in coming, please check out this page. If you’ve already decided you’re definitely coming., then our fresh meat co-ordinator Big Smack & Fries has some essential tips for you…

Hi, I’m Big Smack! I might have already added you on Facebook if you’re down as attending the event, we might have even already met in person, or maybe you’ve recently seen me refereeing one of NRG’s bouts. Although I am a referee, I have passed the WFTDA minimum skills for players and in fact used to play for the Canny Belters once upon a time. I am on NRG’s coaching committee and run our fresh meat intakes – I’m basically in charge of the session content and making sure the testing sessions are ran properly. As we are now a WFTDA league it’s even more important that all our skaters have passed the official minimum skills, and if we send someone to a bout when they haven’t had absolutely everything ticked off, it’s my neck on the line. Don’t kid yourself – passing the minimum skills is hard work, and I am super serious about making sure only competent  skaters join our ranks – but I’m also super passionate about making sure everyone has the support and coaching required to get where they need to be.

The next intake starts in just over a week, so by now you’ve hopefully sourced some skates, gone to a few roller discos or braved the outdoors, but you’re still not completely sure what to expect on the first day. I’m not going to give you super secret hints and tips for impressing me and the other coaches – remember, these aren’t like try outs you might have seen on Whip It or had nightmares about where you have to show off on the first day to stand a chance of ever playing roller derby. So long as you can skate and keep up with what we’re teaching, you’ll be absolutely fine. What I will impart on you is some really useful information that will help you, and help us to help you.
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First bout of 2014!

Photo by Zero G Photography

Our first bout of 2014, against Rainy City Roller Girls and sponsored by Maxïmo Park, was one of our most exciting events to date and a great start to the year. First it was B team against B team – a rematch between our Whippin’ Hinnies and the Tender Hooligans with a predicted score of 150-180 with the Hooligans taking the win. The Hinnies, cheered on by one of our loudest audiences to date, turned the prediction on its head and took the win by an impressive 255-144! This means the Hinnies have flown up an amazing 7 places in the European Roller Derby Rankings and are now sitting at 55.

Next up the Canny Belters were taking on the mighty Rainy City travel team – and kept the score close to its prediction of 150-180 by battling to the very end result of a 152-191 win for the visitors. After such a great performance against one of the biggest names in UK roller derby the Canny Belters have kept a hold of their highest European ranking spot, 18.


Facebook competiton: Maxïmo Park tickets!

Photo by Ian West.

As part of their sponsorship of our bout this Saturday, Maxïmo Park have donated two gig tickets for us to run a Facebook competition! For your chance for you and one person of your choice to see the band at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Friday March 21st 2014, click here and follow the easy steps! Advanced tickets for our Maxïmo Park sponsored game on February 8th are selling fast – make sure you get yours here to save yourself some money.